About Us



Our Purpose:

We are a group of young musicians who volunteering to bring joy to others by sharing our passion for music.  We perform for those who are less privileged and have limited accesses to attend a concert. 

Our Journey:

When Treble Makers Orchestra was founded in 2018, we didn’t have any experience, a venue to perform, or a place to rehearse.  All we have was our passion for music and enthusiasm to serve the community.  With helps from our music teacher, Mr. Paul Grant, we slowly build up. Since then, our orchestra has performed for multiple retirement homes, fundraising events, and rehabilitation Hospitals throughout Orange County. We hope to make this world a better place with our small gestures.

In 2019, we joined OC Hana Lions Foundations and became one of their umbrella clubs: OC Hana Leo Club – Treble Makers Orchestra.  Now, we not only perform orchestra music, but also volunteer at various charity events, such as Leo District Diabetes Health Fair, OC Hana Lions Vision Screening Health Fair, Silverado’s Day Festival, etc. 

In 2021, Fullerton Host Lions Club took us under their wings and became our new sponsor.  We are now – Treblemakers Orchestra Leo Club!!

We will continue to grow and would love to have an opportunity to perform for you. If you are interested, please contact us.

Our contact information is listed here.

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