OC Hana Lions Club Vision Health Fair

On 9/21/2019, the members of Treble Maker Orchestra volunteered at the OC Hana Lions Club Vision Health Fair.

Our awesome volunteers – Abigail Lee, Ariana Perez, Brian Ryu, Bryan Wu, Calvin Hong, Elaine Nguyen, Isabelle Huynh, Jayden Lee, Jessica Chao, Jonathan Chao, Kaelyn Sung, Kaleb Lee, Kayla Chao, Lauren Jo, Matthew Mancini, Meggie Nguyen, Rianna Carreon, Rohan Bhalodia, VP of Health Fair Anay Dagli, NP Mrs. Stephanie Wu, Leo Advisor Mrs. Sandy Jo, parent volunteer Mrs. Rishita Dagli, Mr. Roland Perez, Mrs. Christine Chao, all the OC Hana Lions Club officers, and many more. Thank you for making this event successful!!

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