2023-2024 Presidential Candidates

Rianna Carreon

Hello, my name is Rianna Carreon, and I am running to be one of your next co-presidents. I have been a member of Treble Makers since 2019, and since then have participated in a majority of the events held by our orchestra and district host. Additionally, I have been this year’s publicity director. As publicity director, I have attempted to extend publicizing our orchestra on social media to doing so in-person. Last summer, I came up with the idea of advertising our club to the Kraemer Middle School orchestras in hopes to recruit new members, and I hope to do so again next school year. Regardless of my status as a Treble Maker, I want the best for our club. I want to make sure that it will last past the point of my graduation, and hope to inspire our members to work for the same. I believe that as president, I would be able to achieve this goal.  Thank you!

Jessica Chao

Hello, I’m Jessica Chao and am running to be your co-president for the upcoming 2023/2024 term. I am one of the core founders of this club since its beginning in 2018. Furthermore, I was co-president in our 2021/2022 term. From 2022/2023, I served as the Vice President on the District 4L4 Board, and will be the District President in 2023/2024.
In this upcoming year, one of my primary goals is to solidify Treblemakers Orchestra as an organization that will make an impact on our community for many years to come. I will do my best to ensure the lasting strength of this club, as our purpose extends past simply each individual. Expressing my commitment, I attend nearly every single event whether it be through our orchestra or in relations to the Lions Club. As your president, I can guarantee that you can count on me for any task necessary, and that I will support you in any way possible.
Thank you for your support; Let’s make this year great together!

Park Vista Health Center 4/22/23

With many new members on board, Treblemakers Orchestra had the honor of performing at the Park Vista Assisted Living and Memory Care. Sharing our love for music with the community is what we love. Thank you for inviting us!!

Winter Concert 2022

To spread the spirit of Christmas, Treblemakers Orchestra produced a virtual Winter Concert at the Brea Lions Scout Center. We hope that our music brightened the holidays of many.

Emerald Isle 8/6/22

It was such a pleasure performing at the Emerald Isle Senior Living at Placentia. Your generous cheers and applause made our day! We will keep your encouragements in our hearts. Thank you!!

End of Season Celebration 2022

We celebrated another amazing season! The president of Fullerton Host Lions Club, Dr. Marc Poli, attended the event as a special guest. He awarded Treblemakers of the Year, honored the outgoing officers, and inducted the incoming board members. Thank you to all the members, parents, and our music director, Mr. Grant, for making this community a better place.

Congrats to Ariana Perez!

Ariana Perez has two good news to share – She has been accepted to be part of Bill of Rights Summer Program in Washington DC and she was also an International Runner-up in the Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest, hosted by the Knights of Columbus.

The Bill of Rights Summer Program allows students to explore the presence and necessity of civil discourse in our democratic republic each day. The program lasts 5 days and costs over $2,000. Fullerton Host Lions Club granted $200 to Ariana for this trip as a small encouragement.

While asked about her experience in writing, Ariana responded, “Winning essay contests does take time. I have entered many contests and many times do not win, but it is always interesting to learn something new. And my teacher at school is very supportive of my writing and finds me contests to enter almost every month. Some are long 1500 words and some are short essays 500 words. I also applied to at least 6 summer camps and programs, the process is very competitive and I only got selected for two 2 of them, I am sure college will be the same way.
Life is made up of experiences, I am trying to do as many events as I can and grow as a person, I can not control the judges and their preferences. You do have to have some tough skin to bounce back from every event.
Like anything you develop your own technique for storytelling, personal connection, and delivery, the more you write the better you improve your skills.”

Morningside of Fullerton 4/10/22

It was a great pleasure to perform at the beautiful Morningside of Fullerton on 4/10/22. The hosts and audience were so welcoming and supportive. We had a great time performing and definitely plan to return again in the near future.

Ronald McDonald Breakfast Event 1/22/22

RMH Director Jessica Chao led a small team – Rianna Carreon and Ariana Perez to prepare breakfast for the guests staying at the Ronald McDonald House. With the previous experience, the team successfully made a beautiful and delicious meal. It was wonderful to see our hard work brought smiles on people’s faces.